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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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What does it take to earn free Scentsy as an affiliate?

Are you ready to earn all the Scentsy products on your wishlist for free?

Maybe you've tried the traditional home party or invited friends to a Facebook group & waited for a week’s worth of posts & hoped people would order. I want to give you a different perspective on how you can earn your next order for free & half priced... being an affiliate!

No party... no group... no specific time or place to be.

Your affiliate link is ON DEMAND.

Many people believe posting a single image on social media is going to have people using your link left & right, but that mindset may be holding you back from your goal.

If you're struggling with how to successfully have people order from your link, this is the place for you. Ready to dive into a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into earning the rewards?


I’m happy to say that I’ve helped countless people earn free products by having qualifying orders because my routine is consistent with each affiliate.

To earn $75+ in free Scentsy, you’d want 10 people to order a Mini Warmer & a six-pack of wax (or products of similar value). To earn the base reward level, you’d only need four people. Here are the different levels...

Double Half Off Scentsy Host Rewards January 2024

If you find yourself unsure of how to start, what to share, or what to say, remember to come back to come back to this post.

My affiliate routine looks a little like this:

  • Pre: Send your chosen few something in the mail

  • During: Daily specific posts &/or stories tailored to you

  • Post: Continue to engage with your chosen few


Let’s go back & walk through what each stage entails. Before any content is shared, I like to have you think of specific people you know who already love & use Scentsy or like their homes to smell amazing.

Once you have people in mind, my favorite message to send is this: “Hey! I’m about to stock up on some (insert current season) scents & my Scentsy girl is sending out mini catalogs + scratch-n-sniff stickers so we can smell all the new scents. Want to jump on my order with me?”

This verbiage does one thing particularly well & that’s clarity; telling your friends exactly what you expect of them… ‘I’m ordering… do you want to order too?’ Not, I’m having a "party" if you wanna come & take a peek. When you have a lot of interest from people wanting to take a peek, you get excited. It quickly turns discouraging when 99% who are there are doing just that… being Looky Lous. Our verbiage is clear… we are looking for Betsy Buyers!

Many people immediately jump to posting on social media but this ends up casting a net too wide & you’ll have people who aren’t necessarily interested. I like to call these people tire kickers & they won’t help you earn your maximum rewards. While social media is great, & I do encourage you to use it, I prefer to use it as a backup instead of the first line of action.

One thing I like to do + helps your chosen few make a better decision, is send them a mini catalog + scratch & sniff stickers. Personally, I’ve never received anything in the mail from a Consultant BEFORE I’ve ordered so this sets the bar high.

Scentsy Party Pack

You would also get a similar pack in the mail which would include samples so you have something to share with people you come in contact with in person who might be interested… think work, church, your kid’s extracurricular activities, etc.


We live in an on-demand world so why should this be any different. If your friends say they’d like to order, you don’t want them waiting until next week or a specific “party time” to place their order; you want them to have the opportunity to order right then.

After you’ve connected with your chosen few 1:1 & if you’d like to utilize social media, I have an arsenal of content you can share on your profile or stories to get them raising their hands to shop your link. If you have your own products, that’s even better! I can send you suggested copy to attract the friends who could be interested right to you.

Scentsy Plug & Play Launch System

The key with using social media is to be consistent with it. Posting once or twice isn’t going to reach the amount of people you need to reach your goal. With Facebook, for example, content usually has a 90-minute lifespan so knowing when to post is crucial. You want to ensure you’re consistently showing up in your friends feeds & reaching new people each day.

The link you share on social media is also a little different. Instead of sharing the direct link to my website, you’ll receive a link that is branded to YOU. It’ll house your affiliate link along with the ability to request a catalog, & super short video that showcases all our products + how I use them so they can have their questions answered & make a decision ASAP.

The great thing about on-demand content is you can keep your link open for as long as you’d like. You can also use the link for your own purchases to get you to a higher reward level.


One thing I also offer is your own portal. This will allow you to see:

  • Who has requested a pack

  • When their pack was delivered

  • If they’ve placed an order

  • Your running total for rewards

This will equip you with the information you need for following up with your friends when the time comes to finalize + reach out to thank those who’ve used your link.

Scentsy Host Tracking


After your chosen few have ordered they officially enter my customer base & have the opportunity to choose which samples they’d like to receive as a thank you. They receive consistent customer service & the ability to request a postcard every month so they can smell the current Scent of the Month.

Scentsy Postcard

I also offer the opportunity to receive my weekly email. This gives my customers the ability to preorder products coming & catch up on any missed blog posts.

If your friends prefer social media, I like to keep them informed on my Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, & offer unboxing & scent reviews on my YouTube & TikTok. Each new catalog season, they have the opportunity to request a new catalog & sticker pack as well.


Once you’ve earned the minimum level for rewards ($200 in sales), you have the ability to use your free product credit towards opening your own Scentsy account. Instead of free product credit one time (or each time you request a link), you can get 20% back from every purchase using your own link going forward… even your own!

When you hit 500 in sales, you can even use your rewards to start your business for no out of pocket cost… your rewards will cost the entire kit cost.

Scentsy Host Rewards with Host Kit

If that’s something you’re interested in, let me know. We can tailor the verbiage a little differently to be a business launch instead of just placing an order.

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