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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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You’ve probably heard this analogy before: we all have a bucket & unfortunately, everyone’s bucket has a hole in it. Some holes are tiny where the water drips out slowly while others are larger causing you to lose more than you’re putting in. If you want to keep it full, you have to continuously be adding more water. But when you don’t know where to look for & find water, keeping that bucket full becomes a task you resent & if you resent it, you aren’t going to do it & you could chunk your bucket into the ditch… but deep down, you know you can’t survive without water.


Now you know I’m not really talking about buckets & water. I’m talking about your business (or funnel) & customers. So how do we continue to expand our network & get more people into the top of our funnel. I feel like I should take a second & explain what a funnel is, just in case.

A funnel is taking someone through your process (we’ll also get into qualifying people next week). Some people call it buy, host, join or shop, share, start... either way some people who just love what we have to say & never buy hang out at the top of the funnel. Those who want to purchase move down a little further. Those who want to earn free products move down a little further & those who want to build a business make it all the way to the bottom. Now, you also have that hole I mentioned, where people stop purchasing or engaging with your content. You should always be looking for people who are raving fans of YOU (we’ll also be talking about that in a later video as well)!


So for this skill or system, you need to think about where you go to find people to fill your funnel. One way, especially if you’re with a party plan company, is parties. If this method works for you & you have your party style on lock, this can be an excellent way to get in front of a lot of people in a short amount of time. For some though, especially those who worked their business through the pandemic, parties might not be your thing anymore... & that’s ok. It’s ok to not party, even if you’re in a party plan company! There are so many other ways you can reach new people without a party like referral or affiliate links.


Let me ask you a few question & definitely tell me your response below in the comments:

  • When you want more information about a company or a product, what’s the first thing you do? For me, I Google it.

  • When you want to learn how to do something, where do you go? For me, it’s YouTube.

  • When you want to be entertained, where do you go? For me, it’s Instagram or Facebook.

Now you might have completely different answers than me but I want you to think about how you can use those platforms or whatever it was that you Responded with to expand your network? If you don’t already list your business on Google, this is your sign to do it. When someone Googles your company name, will you pop up on the Maps option? A lot of times, people are searching for ((insert company)) near me.

Head to Google & search for your company then near me. What pops up? Are there people in your area who are already using this platform? Google My Business falls into my Monday system or list of to dos. When a product launches (which normally happens on Mondays), I share a new post or update with a picture, the information, & the link to order. Simple as that.

But one of my favorite things about Google My Business is they have the ability to leave reviews so in my new customer email sequence (& it’s also in my happy mail), I ask them to leave a review. Bottom line, when it comes to the social media platforms you use for certain things, how can you consistently add value back into them? Last example on this, I mentioned I go to YouTube to learn, so how can I in turn teach on YouTube.


Another thing I want to touch on & I may end up making a whole other video on just this, is Attraction Marketing. Now this term gets tossed around a lot so I encourage you to go to & you can even join their free community on Facebook… but bottom line, who are you currently attracting?

Is it people who want a discount or free things... or are you attracting people who want to buy the most expensive thing you have to offer? Are you attracting people who just want to purchase from themselves or are you attracting people who are ready to build a business? Really think about that… what does your content & verbiage say you’re looking for?

I want you to think about what you love to do outside your business, outside of being a parent or grandparent or student. What did you love to do before those things? What can you talk about for hours? For me, when I was a Target, I made PDFs & spreadsheets & tracked data... it just makes sense that the people I want to attract are those same people. I want to show them that they use those same things in a different way AND earn an income with it.

So with that, go on Facebook or Instagram & find groups or hashtags that are geared towards things you love... things you can talk about for hours. When you go in those spaces & add so much value, people will click on your profile & want to learn more about you... or how they can work more with you 1:1.


Since I mentioned people wanting free things earlier, what can you offer for free to get people’s information? My favorites are PDF, so how can you create a PDF to serve your target audience?

Maybe it’s how to style a room, or how to cook something, or how to wear jewelry a certain way... for me, it’s about free apps & planning lol. So just what you’re good at & then create something you can give for free. Then... once you have their information, you need to do something with it. You need to show up for them... & be consistent with it.

I did a training a few years ago on how to expand your network IN PERSON with some out of the box ideas so if you’d love to check that out, I’ll link it here for you.

If this resonated with you & this got you thinking about how you can expand your network, take a screenshot, share it in your stories, tag me, & tell me what your biggest takeaway was!

If you liked this video or blog post, be sure to share it with someone who’s rocking their business. If you want to see more videos or posts on this topic, be sure to hit the like button, subscribe & hit the bell so you get a notification when the next week’s video drops & I’ll see you in the next video.


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