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Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Part 3: Hone Your Business Habits

Welcome back to part three of business habits. I have seven more business habits to share with you to share with you to get your business back in line, in gear, and having you see success.

Hey guys, Kimberly here and I help people just like you with ridiculously ambitious goals and dreams, level up their habits and take them to doer and into massive bold action, which we'll talk a little bit about today.

Like I mentioned, I have seven more business to share with you. So let's just jump in with our first tip of the day:

Positivity. It’s so important to focus on positivity, especially if you are a business owner, if you want to see that long-term success. Because if you're like me, you are going to be faced with negativity at every single turn.

Maybe you're not getting the clients that you want. Maybe your team isn't performing. Maybe your sales aren't where they're supposed to be or where you want them to be. Maybe you're being made fun of and mocked or put down for living and stepping into your dream.

First, I want to stop there for a second and let you guys know that I have been made fun of more times than I can count. What do I do? I just put my head up and find the people who want to support and lead me through this journey. So focus on the positive side of things.

The other piece is your mind moves toward what you focus on. When you focus on negativity, your mind is going to go that way. But if you focus on positivity, your mind will also go that way. There may be times where you fail or maybe you just feel like a failure. But I encourage you to be persistent and be consistent. If you do those two things, eventually you will see success.

Next, really short and simple is contribute your time. A lot of people will donate or give their money but people can really benefit from our time. It’s not always trading time for money. There needs to be times in your life where you're giving back to those who are less fortunate than you. There are people out there who don't have a roof over their head, a hot meal, a place to sleep or shoes on their feet. Find a way to donate your time.

Since we're talking about this from a business perspective, of you have a team or employees or even clients, encourage them to come with you and contribute their time too. That bonding experience will also help with a positive culture.

Number three is a business budget. Now I know some of you are probably looking at me with big wide eyes. You guys, if you don’t have a business budget, I highly encourage you to sit down and write out a monthly budget for your business.

In business, your expenses can go off the rails very, very fast. There's a quote from the Benjamin Franklin that I absolutely love, “a small leak can sink a great ship.” So maybe you're just saying, it could be a couple more stamps, or I'm going to invest this in a marketing campaign, a little bit more here, or redo this, maybe boost this post.

If you aren't keeping track, and you don't know going into the month what you can and will spend your money on, your money will find its way itself. So you have to dictate where your money goes. You are in control of your budget. So if you don't have one, make one. These next two really go hand in hand. Number four is get a mentor. If you don’t have a mentor, you need to find one. Plain and simple. Find someone who has already achieved the level of success you’re after. Look at what they're doing. Ask them questions, share with them what you're doing, and see if they can give you any feedback to kind of tweak what you're doing to make it better

If they agreed to be your so-called accountability partner, check in with them daily. There are people who I talked to every single day and tell them what I'm doing, what I did yesterday, what I saw success with, what I didn't see success with, so make sure you find someone who is willing to listen to you and willing to give you that really tough feedback.

Something to keep in mind is that a mentor is going to be someone who helps you work ON your business and not IN your business. So they're going to give you that whole other perspective.

The next one, number five, is very similar to the previous one, but it's to emulate success. Maybe it's your mentor or maybe it's someone else, but again, find someone who has gone before you who is killing it in their business or whatever it is that you're going to try to emulate. Reverse engineer what they do. You can even ask them if you want, “how did you do this,” but really dive into what they're doing and try to implement it in your own business.

That's something extremely important that I want to mention here. I do not want you to misconstrue emulate for copying and duplicating. I'm not saying to take what they're doing and copy it. I'm telling you to be unique. You need to emulate the success that you are seeing.

A lot of the time whenever I see people who are copying or literally duplicating the things that other people are doing, they do not have true clarity in what they are wanting to do with their business or with their life. So whenever you get real clarity, when you know what your purpose is, you can emulate successfully.

You can take what those really amazing people that you looked up to did and make it your own. If there's any advice I can give you, it’s to emulate not to copy or to duplicate.

Number six is take action. It’s kind of obvious, right? Like, you can't have success if you don’t have action. Now a lot of you are like, “Oh, well, I'm not going to place right now to where I can take action yet” or “I'm waiting until this to happen before I take action.

You guys, take action! It does not matter what it is. I am all about massive, bold action. It's going to be messy. Trust me. I made mistakes. But you know what? I'm proud of myself for actually doing something. Don't sit on the sidelines and wait. Do something. Take massive action!

The last one for today is reflection. We’ve talked a lot about visualizing; seeing ourselves in the future. What do I want? Not a lot of people take the time to look backwards. Where have I come from? What have I achieved? What did I accomplish.

Set some time every single day to think about your past; think about where you came from. That time for me is when I'm outside, walking the dogs, especially if I'm alone. I always think about where I came from. The steps I took to get there. If I were to do that again, what would I do differently. Really take that time to reflect. Just think about the journey that's behind you. That way, the more clear you are on where you came from, the better you can visualize your future.

Next Monday ,I have seven more and then we'll be done with the business habits! We’ll move into December with a whole new topic. So again, if you don’t follow me over on Instagram, make sure you’re over there in my stories to help me dictate where we go in December.

If you feel that you got something out of this, please make sure you give me a thumbs up, subscribe, leave comments. If there's anyone you know would value or if any kind of benefit out of these tips I shared with you today, please make sure you share with them and I will see you guys next Monday. Bye guys.


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