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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Knowing how to present your product, your offer, your opportunity, or your self is one thing but if you never do it, it’s going to be really difficult to succeed. Hey Doers, welcome back I’m Kimberly & presenting is probably one of the most important pieces you need to put in place & honestly there could be multiple systems within presenting.

Presenting yourself

One of the best ways you can present yourself is through… video. Some people prefer live videos so it allows for discussion, questions, & 100% authenticity #momlife. While others prefer recorded videos. I am a huge fan of both and they each have their time & place. I prefer recorded videos when it comes to teaching or training content like this because I can cut out all of the times that I’m thinking or maybe I say like or ummm and it also gives you the viewer the ability to speed up the content or jump to specific sections. I love recorded videos because I watch almost everyone at 2x speed. Now you might be saying, I don’t know how to edit videos. Neither did I, but I learned how & honed my skills along the way. I started out with my iPhone & iMovie but there are other free editing software out there like inShot.

On the other hand, live videos are best when you anticipate there’s going to be a lot of questions. This would allow you to talk directly to & with your audience… unboxings for example, if you’re discussing a specific product, you can go more in depth. I also know people feel like they have to be 100% put together for live videos, but on more than a handful of occasions, I’ve had people tell me they were encouraged to go live because they saw me go live with no make up. I’ll always remember this quote during a live video challenge I participated in… she said, you can’t sell the dream looking like a nightmare. She was encouraging us to look our best when we go live, but as a stay at home mom, if I waited for a time to go live when I’m put together, I would never go live. If you’d like to up your live videos, give Streamyard a try. You’re able to share your screen, have a ticker across the bottom, & make your live more brand to you, even on their free version.

Another way you can present your self is by focusing on your personal brand. All of the marketing material your company gives you focuses on the company. What if the material you gave out was the same information but it focused on you? The more you can put your face on things the better because no one can steal you as a brand. When it comes to branding, if you’re unsure of how to brand yourself, my favorite thing to do is post on a personal profile and ask your friends… “you’re looking at something and automatically think of me. What is it you’re looking at?” A popular question I prefer to stay away from is “what three words or things do you think of when you think of me,” because what happens here is people start listing adjectives instead of nouns. We know we’re awesome, cool, & friendly… we’re looking for THINGS. Sometimes when we do this exercise, we find out that we’ve accidentally branded ourselves with things we don’t want to be aligned with. Just draw a line in the sand & start focusing on what you do want to be associated with. For me, most people would say spreadsheets, video, my company, & Chuy’s (a local Tex-mex spot). Now, if it was something I didn’t want to be associated with, I would just need to stop posting about Chuy’s.

Presenting your products

As far as your products, you should be able to confidently speak about the things you offer. I highly encourage my team to utilize their free and half price rewards to purchase products they’ve never tried before. There is this level of authority that comes when someone asks you a question about product and you shoot them a video of you utilizing that specific product. Think about it this way, you’re a guest at a party & you ask how a product feels or how tall it is & they respond with a video physically showing you the answers to your questions. It just hits on a higher level. I had a customer ask about a specific product & instead of typing out a response, I turned on my video & walked around my house showing her how many I had & why I loved them. She was sold. Now, there are certain products I carry but don't personally use HOWEVER I have them so if I ever need to make a demo video or answer a question about it I have one at my disposal and again, they were all purchased with my rewards. If for whatever reason it’s not possible for you to have your products, utilize any literature… maybe a resource, brochure, a training guide, your catalog, or even your website to educate yourself on your products.

Presenting your offer

As far as your offer, really think about how you “party.” If you were to go to your party, would you enjoy it? Would you make a purchase from you? Would you consider starting a business with you? There are so many different styles out there & if the one you’re using is working, by all means, keep using it, but the one that has stuck out to me & been the most successful has been the on demand event. Think about it… if someone invites me to a party & I say yes, I don’t want to wait until next week for the link to order… or wait for posts to drop for me to learn more about the product. If I say yes, I want the info right then. When I implemented these in February of 2022, I saw an positive shift in my business as far as parties go. Here's the video I did last year where I show how I utilize Canva & Jotform Apps to make mine. Now if you prefer the Facebook party type OR maybe you’re helping a new Consultant launch their customer support group, using an app like Boards is such a timesaver. It’s like an extension keyboard that saves things you say multiple times… think host coaching, onboarding, prospecting.

Presenting the opportunity

Now for the opportunity, & this might fall more on the advanced side of things, but the best thing you can do is offer a tool instead of trying to explain things yourself & having potential word vomit. What I did was I polled my team about the most FAQs they get when it comes to the opportunity, made up some slides in Canva & recorded kind of like a webinar style. Not saying you should do the same thing, yours could just be a simple PDF. We ended up using that for our opportunity events but at the end of the day, I don’t want people waiting until the next opportunity event to watch it so I put that in Jotform Apps as well & my team can share it anytime they’re having a conversation about the opportunity. Using a tool also shows my newer teamies that they don’t have to know everything to get started… they just need to share the tool.

If you had some aha moments or this got you thinking about how you can level up how you present yourself, your product, your offer, or your opportunity, take a screenshot, share it in your stories, tag me, & tell me what your biggest takeaway was!

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