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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Warmers & wax are what Scentsy was founded on. There are so many warmers I could choose to share with you, but I wanted to focus on the Mini Warmer because it is the most versatile. 

On the base of all Scentsy Mini Warmers, we have a button. If you push that button, it allows you to spin the base so if you have an outlet that is facing left or right or upside down, you can still utilize our warmers. 

Our Mini Warmers also have a tabletop base option so if you like this specific warmer, but would prefer it on your nightstand, you can get a tabletop base to sit it on your table.

Scentsy Warmers are designed to melt our specially formulated wax at a very low temperature with our use low watt bulbs (15 - 25 watts). We also have warmers that are considered element warmers which use a heating element to melt the wax. These warmers are perfect for bedrooms, offices, or even dorms. I love the element warmers in the bedroom, so they can stay on 24/7 since there's no light.

These aren't traditional candles so there's no flame, smoke, soot, or burned wax. That means Scentsy Wax is only going to be heated enough to let the scent dissipate. In order to change the wax, you'll want to get rid of the old wax before you add new wax. If you add new wax to old, it'll dilute it & it won't smell as good as it could. My favorite way to remove old wax is to soak it up some cotton balls. We also have something called Cotton Cleanups, & they can soak up numerous cubes of wax. 

Scentsy Wax is divided out into eight cubes. The best way to get it out is to bend your clamshell along the perforations so the wax breaks then you can pop out your desired amount.

Mini Warmers can hold one cube of wax while some of our larger warmers can hold up to an entire bar. It's best to use the recommended number of cubes for your specific warmer. There may be a number on the bottom of your dish to let you know that recommendation. The picture below is showing that 4 cubes is the recommendation. If you're needing a new bulb, check the bottom of your Scentsy Warmer or the cord for a sticker. The picture below is showing this particular Warmer takes a 25W bulb.

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