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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Hone Your Business Habits

So much of our behavior comes from the daily habits we do day in & day out. I asked you guys over on Instagram Stories what you wanted to talk about this month & you guys said business habits. Some of the things we'll be talking about the entire month can be used both for personal & business, but I want you guys to look at these from a business perspective. Our daily habits govern how we think, feel, act & they also have a major impact on our potential for success. I came across quite a few habits that I want to share with you guys that are particularly geared towards business that I wanted to share with you over the next few weeks.

This first one is probably not a surprise to you guys, but its waking up early. I know some of you guys are not morning people, & I was not a morning person whatsoever, but once I started waking up earlier & earlier, I could see the benefits of getting up earlier & focusing on myself first before I had to focus on my business & my family.

If you've never read the Miracle Morning, I highly suggest you do. If you're an entrepreneur, there is one specifically for entrepreneurs, & I highly suggest that one because it does have affirmations & testimonials from those who are entrepreneurs.

If you don't already wake up early, it’s suggested you wake up two hours earlier than what you're already waking up now. Now I know that probably freaks out some of you, but here is what I did in order to get to that point.

I started setting my alarm 15 minutes earlier every couple of days so that way it wasn't a shock to my system & I wasn't waking up at six o'clock instead of eight right away. I could slowly wake up earlier & earlier each day & over a couple of weeks, I was consistently waking up at 6am.

The second habit is the Power Hour & this falls within at your earlier mornings. It's been said that mornings are the most powerful time & that is when we have the most clarity & focus. A lot of people I know have their Power Hour as one of the first things they do in the morning. If they wake up two hours earlier, they have an hour to focus on themselves then another hour to focus on their business. I personally use that hour to plan my day then I have three individual Power Hours throughout my morning so that I can focus on different things, but one thing within each one of those three hours.

For your Power Hours, I really want you guys to to focus on something that is going to be income producing (money generating). I don't want you guys focusing on something that is, you know, fun or easy for you to do, which we'll talk about just a second. I want you guys to focus on things that are going to bring you income.

This next habit is going to seem really simple, but it is to stay inspired & yes, that is definitely a daily habit that a lot of people, including myself, have to truly focus on. What I want you guys to do, if you are not really staying inspired every single day, is to find something that inspires you. Whether it's a quote, or a video, a TED Talk, maybe a person, but find some way to inspire yourself every single day.

The next habit is to set daily business goals. This is also something that you can do during your Power Hour but you really want to make sure you map out the things you want to accomplish during your day for your business. No matter how big or how little they are, you want to document what you want to get accomplished. In my last video, I mentioned that sometimes we think that these things are so insignificant, but a lot of insignificant things over time can add up to something extremely significant so make sure you’re setting those milestones, those markers every single day for you to get accomplished.

Next habit is no virtual clutter. What that means is making sure that everything in your virtual space is nice & tidy. This is also a really good thing to do going into the new year. I always like to make sure that my desktop is nice and clean. All the icons are in a row. Everything is filed in the correct place. If you have Dropbox or Google Drive, making sure that files just aren't everywhere but they're actually in neat, specific folders. Even on your phone, you can put all of your apps into little compartments. On Facebook or social media, make sure you are leaving groups that don’t add value to you & you're staying in groups that are.

Last one is your email. I want to encourage you guys to have a zero inbox. What that means is you’re cleaning out your email every single day whether that means you're responding to emails or moving them to a file or a folder. You can even set up rules or tags so whenever something comes in, it automatically puts it in a folder. My number one tip for your email is a website called It’s a game changer. Whenever you log into, you sign into your email & it looks at all of your email. It tells you what subscriptions you’re subscribed to or funnels that you have subscribed to. At that point, you can choose whether to unsubscribe for them, keep in your inbox, or you can add them to one daily email that will send you. It is phenomenal. So if you’ve never tried it before, that’s one of my ninja tips for you guys to help control your virtual clutter.

My next habit for you guys is to manage your time. My biggest thing with this one is calendar blocking. On my calendar, I have a block of time where I wake up, drink water & do some type of stretch. If it's not yoga, I'm doing something to stretch my body. Next, I have a time block that I check Facebook & I respond to things. I check in with my team or the groups I'm an admin of. Next, I have my three, one-hour creative time blocks. I have a block for lunch then my whole afternoon is open. That’s when others can jump on my calendar for 1:1s. In the evening, if I didn't leave the house that day, I have a reminder to get outside, to meditate, to cook dinner, to turn off your phone.

I literally have calendar blocks & reminders in my calendar so that way, everything stays neat & organized & reminds me on my watch & on my phone if I need to switch task & do something different.

The last habit for this video is going to be called, chasing the frog. A lot of us have heard eat the frog & if you haven't, eating the frog means to do the most unpleasant task, maybe the biggest or hardest task first so that way you can focus on the little task afterwards. Chasing the frog means, before you go to bed, look at what your day looks like tomorrow. Plan it out in your mind. It doesn't have to be super technical, but think, what do I need to do tomorrow. What is the most difficult task? What do I need to knock out first? Those are the first seven habits that I wanted to share with you guys. If you feel someone would benefit from these, please share.

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