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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Part 4: Hone Your Business Habits

It's official, we’re in the home stretch of my favorite business habits so stick around! I'm Kimberly Pulito & I help people just like you with ridiculously ambitious goals and dream, level up their habits to become doers. Like I just mentioned, we're in the homestretch! We only have seven more business habits to cover and some of these are really going to hit home for some of you, so let's jump in it to the first habit!

1 BEING GRATEFUL. What a great thing to talk about, especially right after Thanksgiving. A lot of people are super grateful and thankful for the things they have on Thanksgiving Day, and then, they just don't do anything else the rest of the year. Something I really want you guys to put into place is a way for you to document the things you’re grateful for every single day.

Now, some of you might say, I really don't have a lot to be grateful for. The people who would normally say that potentially are having a sense of failure in life in business. Now, I really want you guys to remove that word from your vocabulary. Failure. There is no failure, there's only results. You did something, it didn't work, and now you know that it didn't work. You can try something different, right? You did something, and you got a result. That's one thing I want you guys to think about. Be grateful for the failures in your life because they are getting you one step closer to something that does work.

2 RESPECT OTHERS. Just be kind. Be considerate of the people around you. The old adage, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. They even say, it takes more energy and more effort to be mean. So just behind respect others.

3 IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS. Learning does not have to stop after high school or college. You have to hone the skills you want to get better at. What can you do to learn more? One of the things I personally love is I submerge myself into different Facebook groups of like-minded people, specifically, entrepreneurial women. I'm in three different masterminds and they are extremely high level. I love to surround myself with people who are smarter than me, because if I am the smartest person in the room, I am in the wrong room. Being in these groups, I am definitely at the bottom so what that means is, these women are going to pour into me and raise me up. Find a way to learn something new hone your skills for your business, or for yourself to raise you to the next level.

4 PLAN. You guys now the saying ‘planners going to plan?’ Well, those who are hardcore with their business and have their sights set on being successful, they plan obsessively. If you do not have a plan of where you want your business to go, I highly encourage you to sit down and make a plan for the next year. Yes, for the entire next year. Where do you want to go? If you're tracking and analyzing (like I mentioned in a previous episode) it can be so much easier to make a shift if something is not going as planned on your master plan.

5 BE MINDFUL. Now this isn't just about being respectful towards others, it's also respecting yourself, the world around you, the environment. Really respect and being mindful of how you are treating yourself. Don't do things that would be deemed illegal like lying, cheating, stealing. Those are obvious things, but really being mindful of how you're operating your business. As long as you are mindful, if your reputation isn't where you want it to be, it will slowly improve over time. So just be mindful.

6 DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. We are so consumed and wrapped up in our businesses, our families, and our careers that we're focused so much on these goals that we forget to pour into ourselves, women especially. I take self-care Sunday, self-care Saturday (those weekend days), very seriously to do something for myself. Now, specifically, health and wellness seems to be the one that kind of falls to the wayside for a lot of female entrepreneurs so something you love every single day. 7 ASK FOR HELP. We don't have all the answers. None of us do. Its is so important to push our ego to the side and ask people who have gone before us for help. People crash and burn all the time, but it's those successful people who know to get up and ask for support and help. I know all too well, but it is really difficult, like I said, to push our ego to the side and ask for help. We often get to that point way too late. We’ve already hit rock bottom when we decide, ‘you know what, I'm going to go and ask for help.’ Don't get to that point. If you're starting to struggle, realize it, notice it, and ask for help. We shouldn't be waiting until that last minute to ask for help. It should be something that is commonplace in our everyday practice. So you guys that is it. We have gone through 28 of my favorite business habits. If you loved this please make sure that you let me know down below in the comments! Make sure you subscribe and if you got value out of this and you know someone else would benefit from it, please make sure you share it with them and I will see you guys next month with a whole new topic.


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