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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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As I was mapping this series out, I thought… what skills does someone need to be good at in order to see success in our line of work? Some are obvious & others aren’t… and that’s why we’re going to start with mindset. And yes… you need a system for your mindset!


Everything starts here. It doesn't matter how many times we talk about it, or if you think you have the best, most positive, growth mindset there is… it bears repeating. Your mind is you best friend. It's going to believe & agree with everything you tell it… just nodding in the corner with its pompoms telling you you’re right. If you think you won't succeed... you're right. If you think your friends & family won't support you... you're right. If you think you'll be bugging people... you're right.

If you believe you'll hit your goals... you're right. If you believe you'll find the people who want & need what you have... you're right. If you believe you're offering great customer service... you're right!

We've been programmed our whole life to believe certain things but you need to know that it IS possible to unlearn & learn new things… you CAN change your minds. Think, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy... you believed in those things at one point then changed your mind because you had more information. You saw more of the picture. You understood things differently. When you learn to change your mind & see things differently, you can change your life.

In the free resource with this video, I want you to write out some affirmations. The resource is meant to be a DAILY practice, not just something you do once. Some other things that you can read to dive more into the brain stuff is Train Your Brain by Dana Wilde, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, & Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza


There are lots of different camps when it comes to goal setting. Be realistic… go big! Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success & those who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t. That’s a pretty big difference in goal achievement just from writing your goals on a piece of paper.

So why does writing your goals help? Writing things down happens on two levels: external storage & encoding. External storage is easy to explain: you’re storing the information in a location (e.g. a piece of paper) that is very easy to access and review at any time.

Encoding is the biological process by which the things we perceive travel to our brain’s hippocampus where they’re analyzed. Writing improves that encoding process so it has a much greater chance of being remembered. I know you’re probably thinking, I know my goals... I came up with them. But physically writing your goals down just does something different in your brain. Grant Cardone writes his goals down every single morning.

Write your goals & put them in places you look at everyday! The bathroom mirror, on your desk, on the coffee machine... you get the idea.


Most people go to school to learn how to be an employee... that comes with an employee mindset. When you start a business, you have to leave behind the belief that you should be dependent on a paycheck, the approval of bosses & co-workers, & a somewhat stable environment. It’s jumping feet first into a world of calculated uncertainty, a world where you must own your training & trust yourself to push yourself forward. Check out these simple mindset shifts from

Employee: “I’m afraid, so I must conform.” vs.

Entrepreneur: “My fear fuels me.”

Employee: “Mistakes are bad.” vs.

Entrepreneur: “My mistakes make me succeed.”

Employee: “Security is taking no risks.” vs.

Entrepreneur: “Security is taking calculated risks.”

Employee: “I must know it all.” vs.

Entrepreneur: “I’m constantly learning.”

Employee: “ I must be the smartest person in the room.” vs.

Entrepreneur: “I surround myself with people who are smarter than me."

Employee: “It’s important that I look good on the outside.” vs.

Entrepreneur: “Who I am inside is more important.”

Employee: “The goal is my next promotion.” vs.

Entrepreneur: “The goal is the journey."

People see success in this business all the time, but if you're going to succeed, it's going to be YOU who creates your success, & not your sponsor or upline. We give you access to a ton of tools & opportunities to learn but bottom line, it's on you to pick them up & utilize… the same goes with not succeeding. You're going to be the difference in the equation.

Think about your business as an airplane. As the pilot, if you give anything less than 100% throttle to get your plane off the ground & it doesn’t… do you blame your co-pilot, the passengers, the airport, or say the plane had a flaw? No. You didn’t give it the 100% it needed. Now, do you have to give it 100%, 100% of the time? Nope… you’ll run out of fuel, fast! You have to give it 100% for a certain amount of time to get to a new level then pull back to coast. This analogy & the previous paragraph are both from Eric Worre with Network Marketing Pro.

We are all independent Consultants which means we all have our own businesses to run. It's your leaders job to ensure you become independent from them as fast as possible so you can both work freely on your own businesses.


The last thing I want to leave you with is thinking about who you’re surrounding yourself with. Imagine an oak seed being planted in an oak grove. It's most likely to grow tall & strong when it's surrounded by other oaks. Now imagine that same oak seed being planted in a flower pot. It'll grow, but it'll never reach its full potential.

The same goes for you. When you surround yourself with people who are already where you want to be, you'll most likely grow into that as well. When you're surrounded by small-minded people, those who put you down or belittle you, you'll never reach your full potential. Read, listen to books or podcasts, fill your mind with great content & seek out those who've gone before you.

A few that I listen to on a daily basis are Brendon Burchard, Jessie Lee Ward, Grant Cardone, Eric Worre, & John Maxwell.


You need to set aside time every single day to focus on your mindset. Say your affirmations, write your goals, fill your mind with leadership & growth material. Any time I’m doing a mindless activity I have my ear buds in so my brain is constantly taking in good content!


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