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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Reverse Engineer Your Visualization (10-Year Goal)

Today we're going to talk about the visualization that you had in the last week's content and we're going to see if that visualization actually fits in with your 10-year plan. We’ll make that your 10-year goal and chat through how we can work backwards to get there, step by step. If you’re watching this piece of content. I can only assume/hope that you’ve watched last week's visualization exercise. If you haven't, I highly encourage you to go back and do that. Did you see something you thought you weren't going to see? Maybe it was odd or weird?

If you aren't over my Instagram I shared in one of my posts, when I saw mine, it completely blew me away.

I was alone in my visualization. Now, I don't know if that means if maybe Yoshi was at work and the girls were at school but it just it was a weird visualization, but it was a comforting feeling. It sounds weird to say that but it felt like a I was in really good the place that I was at in my life. Really solid, strong. Just the fact that I didn't have my family with me was very off.

Did see something that was maybe out of the blue or odd or weird like I did? Just know, that it okay. There were no constraints. Money, time, education...none of that was a constraint & thats what comes to you; things you aren't normally going to see. When you give yourself the permission to have those visualizations with no constraints, you have the space to get that time. The knowledge, education, the money to get to that space; especially if it's going to be a 10-year goal. You have time to do the daily activities today to get to that goal.

Now, a lot of us whenever we're looking at our life, we see this glass ceiling, Like we can’t go above but we can see all this amazing stuff up there. That's kind of where my visualization is for me, especially living in a cabin in the mountains with a river running right by my house. That is possible you guys, that is my glass ceiling. What I want you to do is in 10 years from now, I want you to be walking on your glass ceiling.

What would that mean for you, to walk on that glass ceiling? What would that mean for your family? What would that mean for your professional life? What would that mean for the people that you give back to? What would that mean to you, in your heart of hearts, to you to be living and walking and loving and thriving on that glass ceiling?

We all know saying, she believed she could so she did. I need you guys to do that. It is totally possible. You think you can do it so stop saying...if only or one day. Step into that visualization and live that visualization every single day until you get there.

Now, in the beginning, I said, we're going to use your visualization to be your 10-year goal. If you're saying, “ya know what Kimberly, I can totally hit that goal in five years. Totally doable.”

I want you to dream bigger, higher, reach higher. I'm not saying we need to think super outlandish but I mean hey, I'm living in a cabin in the woods so my visualization is pretty out there. I want you to think bigger!

If you didn't use the last week’s free downloadable worksheet for you to write down every single thing that you saw (because it's going to be imperative to reverse engineer to get to those points) you can grab it here: Somewhere on your worksheet or on a separate sheet of paper, I want you to take your age and add 10 years to it.

Write down, By ____, this is what my life is going to look like.

This is the life I'm going to be living. Now that you’ve written down your visualization and you saying, by this time, I am going to be living this life, I want you to break it down. I want you to cut it in half. In five years from now, what do you have to do to be on track to meet those goals? Now I want you think of all aspects of your life. First, personal. Who in your life do you maybe need to distance yourself from in order to see progress. Who do you need to bring into your life in order to see progress. If you think no one on either one of those sides, growth is only going to come from people who push you, You might think, well, I don't know who's going to push me. I will! Let me know. I will hold you accountable!

From a business or career standpoint, are you in the right field of work? Are you doing what you want to be doing right now that will get you to that goal? If not, make some changes. Do you need to leave a job? Do you need to get a job? Do you need to add a side hustle? Do you need to maybe take some classes or hire someone to teach you how to do the things that you need to know to get to that next level?

What about your health that area for me is one that I am personally working the hardest on. It's the one that I tend to struggle the most with. If we don't take care of ourselves, there's no way they're gonna be able to get to that next level. It’s the things we do every single day that we think are so insignificant. Things like eating a cookie. If we eat one cookie, it's no big deal, But if we eat cookies every single day for the next 10 years, what will our life look like; or a piece of cake every single day for the next 10-years, what will our body look like?

Think about it. What am I doing right now in my life that will add up over time: brushing your teeth, cleaning your house. Those things, if they're not done...what does your house look like, what do your teeth look like? The little tasks that we do every single day are going to add up to something very significant in the end, even though we think they’re so insignificant now. Once you start breaking down from that five-year mark, start breaking it down year by year to the point where you're saying, “you know what, next October 2019, what does my life look like? What am I doing different today to get to that point next year?” Do you have new relationships next year? Do you have a new mindset next year? Do you have a new program that you're doing next year? Have you launched your new business next year?

What are you doing each month to get to that point. Each day to get to that point. That way, in the long run, you will be able to, slowly but surely, even though you think they are so insignificant, they are going to compound over time to help you get to that 10 year goal. Your significant visualization.

I hope you guys enjoyed this visualization exercise. Each month I focus on a different subject, different topic and next month we're gonna be focusing on habits. If you follow me over on Instagram, in Stories, I asked, “Would you prefer to learn more about personal habits or business habits?” and the screaming majority said business habits. So next month, we’ll be talking all about business habits and how to get your habits on track to be get you to that end goal.

If you feel someone would benefit from this please make sure you share this with them and I’lll see you guys next Monday.

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