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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Alright y’all, buckle up. I’m making the executive decision to deviate from my scheduled content plan this week. If you somehow missed the title, I’m going to be talking about periods so if that makes you comfortable... here’s your warning. So, I was scrolling through Reels the other day & happened upon one that said “I hate the word consistency.” It was a Reel regarding ADHD but she also mentioned how her hormones played into her being inconsistent. I had a major lightbulb moment then literally went down the Google rabbit hole about our monthly cycle & how it applies to our businesses.

When you think about traditional daily, weekly, or monthly trackers or even systems, they’re made with a man’s 24 cycle in mind. Men’s hormones stay pretty much the same every single day while women’s hormones fluctuate throughout a 28-day period on average. This time period is known as our menstrual cycle (& yes, it’s more than just your period). The overall hustle culture makes 100% sense for a man because they show up every single day, basically the same.

But, what if you knew the best time to go live, shoot videos, facilitate coaching calls, or network with other people? I’m sure you probably already know the best time to NOT do those things, and that’s usually the week before your period. This whole concept is something I wasn’t taught in school and it would’ve made it such a huge difference for my personal life and my business so if you were like me and you weren’t taught this in school or have no idea how your cycle works, this is your sign to really dig in and understand what your cycle looks like and how your hormones play into being productive & having a really great business.

How many times have you looked at a tracker and you know you’re supposed to do something every single Monday but Monday rolls around and you are just not feeling it, so you don’t do it. Do you feel like you’ve failed? Or let’s say you DO push through that feeling just to check the box to get it done & if you do that enough times do you end up burning out? When you work your business around your cycle it’ll help you feel more empowered AND productive. So let’s quickly walk through the four different phases of our cycles & chat through the things you’d normally do in your business or find on a tracker + when the best time to do & not them would be. I’ve also included a sample system based off your cycle as a free resource, so be sure to grab it after you watch this video.

I want you to think about your cycle as a bell curve, day one of your menstrual cycle is at the bottom then as we go into the follicular stage and then ovulation that is the peak top of the bell and then after that we go back down into the luteal phase which normally gets the bad PM wrap, back down to day one.


While yes, there are specific tasks that might have to be completed on a specific day... maybe the first of the month or the end of the month... but instead of basing your business off of the calendar, base it off of your cycle. Day one of your cycle is day one of your period & this can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. In this particular phase our hormones have just crashed so this is the best to rest. Even if you feel you have energy, really take this time to visualize your upcoming month & set your goals for the next 28 days. During this time, you might find it best to minimize social interactions or any speaking opportunities you have.


After menstruation while coming up that bell curve you’re going to be in the follicular stage. You’re getting your energy back & this is the perfect time to do all of the things you were wanting to do or were visualizing during the menstruation phase. If you’re feeling up to it, this is when you can start scheduling coaching calls, speaking events, networking opportunities, etc. Over these next two weeks, you’re going to be a powerhouse of productivity so schedule all of the things that need to get done during this time.


Next up is ovulation & we have officially reached the top of that bell curve. Ovulation is pretty much a one-day event so if you can pinpoint when that is for you, this is when you look and feel the best and most confident so go live, schedule the most important speaking engagements, group trainings, coaching calls... anything that’s going to take a lot of energy, schedule it around this time.


The last half of your cycle is the luteal phase. This will last around 14 days so if you’re considering that bell curve, that first week you’re still coming down off of that energy high so you can still do some of the things you were doing in that phase but start to limit those activities.

In the second half of the luteal phase, your brain is more susceptible to being rewired so if you’re focusing on affirmations this is the time to double down on those. This is also the perfect time to harness your creative abilities... plan out your content for the upcoming month really think about the things that you want to accomplish. You can also use this time to organize your office or do any type of bookkeeping or accounting that needs to be completed for the month.

Again with the bell curve that second week of your luteal phase this is when we most associate the symptoms of PMS. This is when we are the most irritable so this is not the time to be booking coaching calls, going live, or having intense social interactions unless you feel comfortable doing so. For me, I was unintentionally scheduling coaching calls during this phase & I was getting super frustrated over things but hindsight, it makes a lot of since... I shouldn’t have been scheduling calls during that time.

So you might know what your cycle looks like already so you can start pinpointing when you should and shouldn’t be doing some of these actions, but if you’re like I was & unaware of these things, I follow an Instagram account that has a really awesome tracker you can start pinpointing when these things happen or of course there are also apps out there you can use to track but I will put her Instagram account down in the description so you can sign up and grab her tracker for free.

If you want to dive deeper down in this rabbit hole there are even different exercises you should do during different phases of your cycle & there are different foods you should be eating during the different phases of your cycle. It really is incredible interesting to tie things back to business so make sure you check out the sample monthly system I put together.

So if this resonated with you & this got you thinking about how you can sync your systems to your business, take a screen, share it in your stories, tag me, & tell me what your biggest takeaway was! If you liked this video be sure to share it with your business bestie & if you want to see more videos on this topic, be sure to hit the like button, subscribe & hit the bell so you get a notification when the next week’s video drops & I’ll see you in the next video.


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