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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Scentsy Incentive Trip 2024 - Honolulu, Hawaii. Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort

I've officially reached my 10th incentive trip with Scentsy & let me tell you... every time better! The Hilton Hawaii Village has a saltwater lagoon, beautiful outdoor pools, & a beautiful stretch of coastline. There's tons of food places nearby so I'm excited to dive in!

  • Day 1: Arrival + the Mix & Mingle

  • Day 2: Breakfast, Diamond Head, & Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden

  • Day 3: The Secret Island & Kualoa Ranch

  • Day 4: Beach Day & Farewell Luau

  • Day 5: Shopping & Departure

Day 1 - Monday, June 3, 2024

This trip is a solo trip for me but I had a someone try to stowaway in my luggage 😄 but she didn't fit inside a ziplock bag to save space, so she couldn't come.

The flight was 8 hours but with all the movies I watched, it didn't feel long at all. One of the best things I purchased was a travel footrest that hangs on the seat-back tray making a little hammock for your legs to stretch out.

Mix & Mingle

Scentsy held a come & go, mix & mingle so we could pick up our name badges, excursion information, & I got my very first lei! We got to choose between purple & white... I choose white.

As we walked around the room, we could grab some quick refreshments, & "shop" from four stations:

If you didn't bust out our calculator like me, that's a total value of $408 for mine 😳 some people’s glasses & shoes cost more. Scentsy never ceases to amaze me with their generosity.

Another thing I love, is all four brands are Hawaiian companies! So, if there are around 500 Consultants who are on this trip, Scentsy added around $200,000 to the local economy with just tonight's gifts.

Day 2 - Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Today is a day of leisure for us so we could plan excursions, go sightseeing, etc. Because of the time difference, I was up at 5:30, which is the perfect time to catch the sunrise. Here is this morning's view from our room.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort Tapa Tower Ocean View

Breakfast on The Great Lawn

Scentsy had a huge buffet feast set up for everyone. One thing was missing though... SPAM! Everything was so delicious, especially the Hawaii Bread Pudding.

Dan (our interim CEO) announced that only .4% of Consultants earned Hawaii!

Diamond Head & Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden

I was scooped up by my friend Jayme to go to Diamond Head (gorgeous views) & the most breathtaking botanical garden. When people say "the pictures don't do it justice," they aren't lying. This is the bluest water & greenest landscape I've ever seen.

Dinner at Haleiwa Joe's Haiku Garden

We had dinner at Haleiwa Joe's & it's an open air restaurant overlooking beautiful gardens. The scents you smell when you walk through are stunning... green leaves, fresh florals, ripe fruits.

I grabbed escargot, the grilled marlin, & had a bite of a friend's blueberry creme brûlée.

Fireworks & The Room Drop

We had to catch the extra fireworks show this week since they usually only do them on Friday nights & it did not disappoint. EIGHTEEN minutes of constant fireworks... the good kind too. So glad we listened to the hot dog guy & stayed 😆

One of my customers, Faith, has been giving me all the amazing in's & out's of the island... where to visit, what to eat, etc, & this morning, she said I needed to try the Honolulu Cookie Company since it's located here in the Hawaiian Village.

When I got back to my room after fireworks, this unique pineapple wrap box filled with the premium shortbread cookies of the Honolulu Cookie Company were waiting for me as a room drop from Scentsy!

Day 3 - Wednesday, June 5, 2024

We got to sleep in a little so we walked to Da HI Brew for breakfast. Their breakfast burritos were humungous, so we shared it.

The Secret Island & Kualoa Ranch

Before our excursion, we went to the Secret Island (where they filmed Lost!) for lunch, shaved ice, & water activities. We chose to do the glass-bottom boat to see the sea life, coral, & a sea turtle.

When we rode a ferry boat from the main land to the Secret Island, the view of Kualoa Ranch was gorgeous.

After the Secret Island, we went to Kualoa Ranch. We did the Hollywood Movie Tour & got to see movie sites all over the valley. Iconic movies like Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Pearl Harbor, Jumanji, & King Kong.

The Room Drop

Every incentive, Scentsy gives us a commemorative pin. When we walked in, one of them was an obvious unicorn so I said... I WANT THAT ONE! Do you see the mistake?

Team Dinner at Aoki

We took up two tables at the teppanyaki grill & had so much fun. We even had a 50th birthday party... they called it Hawaii 5-0.

Day 4 - Thursday, June 6, 2024

We had breakfast this morning at Duke's which had an awesome breakfast buffet. The french toast with the coconut syrup was the best!

After breakfast, we changed & had our first pool/beach day since being here! The pool was freezing but the ocean felt great. I also was able to get a Pina Colada in a pineapple & see turtles swimming right next to us!

The Farewell Luau

We were greeted by the sweetest girls giving the women, necklaces of tiny green shells & the men, necklaces with kukui & shells. We were met with fruits + poke appetizers & delicious, family style plates of fish, chicken, pork, beef, & rice... & of course, guava cake.

We were entertained by the band & amazing hula dancers who told beautiful stories. The night ended with another firework show with Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole.

The Final Room Drop

Scentsy commissioned a local artist to create this one-of-a-kind Koa & resin coasters for us to remember our trip by. Koa is one of the rarest trees in the world & they hold deep cultural significance to the Hawaiians.

Day 5 - Friday, June 7, 2024

Coming soon...

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