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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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I think this one might ruffle some feathers & I might you might disagree with me but I’d love to present a different way to thing about building your business. Now just a reminder, a system is just a set of skills or tasks you master. So when you look at your team, do you have significantly more hobbiest, or people who just occasionally purchase from themselves, than those who are actively working it as a business?

I’m pretty sure 99.99% of people would say yes... & that’s because when we first start our business, in order for us to promote, we need a certain wholesale volume. In order to get that, we invite our friends, family, acquaintances who also love the product... but they aren’t in it to build, they’re just buying for themselves... & that in turn, increases the wholesale volume you need to promote.

Now I’m not saying that we need to be looking for business builders out the gate, but there needs to be a certain time when you switch your mindset from, bring in all the people to bring in business builders.

In my opinion, that should happen once you’re consistently being paid at a leadership title. There’s no worry of meeting your minimum wholesale volumes. Now, I’m not saying if someone says that want to join to get paid on their purchases you tell them no. They have the same access as everyone else to click that button on your website. But I do ask them if they will ever want to do anything more with it.


We talk a lot about bringing in our best customer & I also teach that to my team, so when we were focusing on recruiting I reach out to one of my best customers. She probably spends $300 every other month if not every month. I mentioned she could get 20% back on her purchases but she was dragging her feet on taking the leap. I kept putting the bug in her ear when all the sudden, I had this realization...

She’s told me she doesn’t want to build a business, that it would just be to get the 20% back... so, why am I intentionally choosing to make 9% of 75% of her purchases when I could be making 36% commission with leadership bonuses. That’s when my lightbulb moment happened. How much more income could I be making for my family from the people I’ve sponsored who never really wanted a business in the first place. Now some of you would say, "well Kimberly... that’s a very arrows in approach. You’re just thinking about your income."

Ehhhh, I disagree. If they are only joining to get paid on their purchases, they are going to be losing out on the samples I send, my monthly postcards, offering to place their order for them, personal specials. For the most part, if that’s all they’re joining for, I could take better care of them as a customer because majority of the time, customers who join end up purchasing less than they would if they’d stayed a Consultant... facepalm moment. Instead of getting paid on their purchases, they'd be earning their products for free & half priced.


I’ve been marketing this business all wrong. Last week I talked about who are you attracting... what does your content & verbiage look like? Well, I was focusing on getting paid on your purchases... get 20% back. Of course that’s who I was bringing in. So, I shifted. I changed my content & verbiage. I’m looking for business builders!

We use the phrase buy, host, join a lot & lots of people switch it to be join, host, buy... but that’s when you bring in more hobbiest. When you switch it to host, join, buy, the likelihood of having a business builder is much higher as they’ve had first hand experience in being a consultant as a host. From there, they can use their rewards to start for no out of pocket cost... but even then, I use the words build a business because the last thing I want is a host who acquired all these customers to join then do nothing. They don’t follow up or take care of their customers so that future PRV & potential business is lost.

But Kimberly, a lot of my leaders started as hobbiest. Absolutely! Hands down, & I’m not preventing those people from joining, like I mentioned above... they can click that join button 24/7. But my verbiage & focus is business builders. Could you image... every person you recruited wanting to build a business? What would YOUR business look like?


Now I want to show you what this looks like for me as far as qualifying people. You guys know I love me some Jotform, but forms are considered a barrier to entry. I’m personally not going to fill out a form unless its something I absolutely want to do + I can see all the questions I’m going to have to answer (basically, I need to see how much time I need to allocate to fill this out)... so those who are filling out this form are already qualifying themselves.

One of my new favorite things to find out about people is their color personality. If you’ve never heard or learned about it, you should definitely check it out. He compares each color to people you’d most likely know... like the Simpsons. It’s easy to spot a Mr Burns who’s all about the money or a Marge who just wants to help others.

But this drag & drop function in Jotform allows them to choose which one best fits them. You can also tailor your messaging & content around the color personalities because not everyone cares about the money or the comp plan, or the incentive trips & conventions. When you know their color, you know how to communicate with them most effectively.

If you had some aha moments or this got you thinking about how qualify your prospects, share it in your stories, tag me, & tell me what your biggest takeaway was! While you’re waiting for next week’s video, definitely check out the other suggested posts below.


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