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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Review your year & plan ahead!

Here we go! It’s time to review the year + make a plan for the upcoming year. Before we get started, you’ll need to grab your Business Analysis Report (BAR) from your back office (Reporting, Sales Reports, BAR). At first glance, does anything stand out to you?

Be sure to check out this Google Drive folder before you get started. It has all the PDFs ya need + really awesome spreadsheets to help make this process more simple on ya.


What did you love about your business this past year? Did you love your party style… how you showed appreciation to your customers… the way you did samples… how engaged your customer group was? What about what you didn’t enjoy? The two things I heard the most were not being organized or consistent enough so I created this PDF to help.


Looking at your BAR, which month had the most sales? Next, in your Order History tab, choose the date filter to be just that month & identify where the majority of your sales came from. Was it from follow up, parties (in-person, on-location, or online), events, fundraisers, LTOs, etc.

Now let’s find your monthly average sales! Go to Reporting, View My Performance, Start Leadership Report then at the top where the date drop down is, hold the shift key while you choose January-December then hit Run Report. Jot that number down. To get your average, divide that number by 12 (months). To get your monthly goal for the new year, multiple your monthly average sales by 1.5! Yessss…. you can do this!!

While you’re here, also jot down the number of total sponsored for step seven!

To see how close you are from earning the Annual Sales Award go to Reporting, View My Performance, Start Leadership Report then at the top where the date drop down is, hold the shift key while you choose May through the current month then hit Run Report. To see how far you are from earning, subtract your total from 30,000. Take how many months are left in the earning period & divide that total by that number. That’s how much sales you’ll need per month to earn.


Since you thought through what you loved & didn’t enjoy about your business, what will you continue to do & what new things will you try? Choose the top 3 income-producing activities & keep them. Scrap or reduce the number of other activities for Q1 to see if you see a positive result.

What 1-2 things have you not tried before that you’d like to add in for Q1? Also, how did you so appreciation for your customers in 2020? Did you send happy mail, samples, recognition for being a club member or most engaged in your group? Brainstorm new ways you can love on our customers in the new year!


Think through how you’ll generate NEW leads outside of your normal lead generation like parties, events, etc? We all have a leaky bucket so we must continually fill it with new people. One of my favorite ways is with raffle, drawing, or lead boxes!


Being in a party-plan company, parties are one of the best ways to gain sales AND new contacts at the same time. Be honest, how many parties did you have? What were the sales of each & the total sales from all parties. Document all hosts names & how many were 200+ & 500+. How many of those parties were booked off previous parties?

Head to Order History, Filter, Order Type: Choose Basket Party, then choose Custom Date range & make it all 2020. Use the party spreadsheet to help you find your averages!


How many parties do you need to schedule per month to meet your monthly sales goal? Equation: (Your total PRV from parties / the number of parties you had) / your monthly PRV goal. If you did not book at least 1 party off each party, what will you do differently this year to do so? Also, look at your verbiage. How are you asking people to book a party. Are you making it about you or them? If you’d like to chat through how to tweak your verbiage, shoot me a message!


How many people did you sponsor this year? How many $59 kits (200+ parties) & ‘no out of pocket cost’ kits (500+ parties) did you have available? How many people did invite to opportunity events or share an opportunity video with? Use your information from step six to identify who unlocked/got a kit.


Do you know who your top 10-20 customers are for this year? AMI will only give you lifetime sales & not for specific date ranges. Start a spreadsheet to keep track. Have you offered them a kit yet?

This step will take the longest of this whole process but it’s worth it! You can use this spreadsheet to get started. To get started in populating your spreadsheet, go to Contacts then sort by Last Purchased column & either copy straight from there or Export to Excel if you have access. Once you have it exported or in a spreadsheet, sort by first name & delete any duplicates. Resort by the last purchase date & paste your customers into the above spreadsheet.

To get their order totals, go to Reporting, Sales Reports, Customer Purchase History, choose “All” customers, then the date range should be 1/1/2020 through today. This will give you their order dates & totals for you to put in the correct column to start adding up!


How many people do you need on your team to promote AND consistently be paid at title using these as a guide: Lead – 4, Star – 10, SuperStar – 30, Director – 60. We know more Frontline = higher income, so how many people would you need to sponsor to have that amount as your FRONTLINE?

A goal top leaders always tell us to aim for is to have 100 Frontline. Use the spreadsheet you created on Friday & identify who from all your customers you’ve offered the opportunity to. Use the Offered Opportunity column to start tracking.


When setting goals, look at what the company rewards & start there. An extra 5% for 2000 PRV, an extra $1,000 in cash for having an average of 2500+ PRV every month between May-April, $350 in cash for helping 14 people promote to Certified + an extra $25 if they promote to Lead between May-April, $25 in product credit for helping them reach their fast-start awards, being paid at title.

Set your sights on those things. If you’re already consistently doing them, multiply your data by 1.5. Already have 2000 PRV? 2000 x 1.5 = 3000. 3000 PRV should be your new stretch goal.

Whatever ya do, be sure to document your goals & feel free to share!

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