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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Monthly Tasks To Establish A Routine

This is a recording of a live training I did for my team. These are generic tasks the majority of consultants who are growing consistently take so you can start getting YOUR routine together for the new year. You can access this as a PDF, here.

SET A GOAL: How much money would make you excited about your business next month? Partner with your sponsor to identify the activities needed to make it happen.

CREATE OR UPDATE YOUR LIST: If you haven’t done so, jot down 20 people who you think would love or benefit from the products. (Example: someone who has small kids, pets, does a lot of laundry, lives in an apt/dorm, loves to decorate, lives in a community-type home, drives for an Uber-type service, has ties to our charity product, likes subscriptions boxes, & loves Disney)

HOST YOUR OWN PARTY: Grab a script from the Party Scripts unit to use as a guide or inspiration to have your own party. Encourage your guests to invite one friend so you get into your cold market. Reward them if they do so. Invite those on your list to your event.

AFTER YOU RECEIVE AN ORDER: Anyone who orders should get an immediate thank you via text or email. Set some time aside to write them a thank you note. Take note of when their order will be delivered & message them after they’ve received it to make sure everything made it ok.

BOOK PARTIES: The faster you get into your cold market the better for your business. It’s only a matter of time before you exhaust your warm market & parties are the best way to get into the cold. Think about if someone was asking you to book a party with them… what would they say to you to get you to say yes? Would it be a fun party theme, the opportunity to get samples, free product credit? Use that to create your message. If you need help, connect with your sponsor or upline for support.

SPONSOR: Everyone has access to the $99 kit all the time. However, once you have a party that reaches 200 PRV, you unlock a discounted kit. Once it reaches 500 PRV, it could be free. If your host doesn’t want to join but a party guest does, you can even offer a discounted kit to someone who isn’t the host of the party. Partner with your sponsor or upline for support.

FOLLOW UP: If you don’t have a follow-up system, create one that works best for you. There’s AMI (an app that syncs to your Workstation every night & will suggest who to follow up with). Other options include Trello, a binder system, a spreadsheet, etc. Use the Sales Reports to pull who has ordered in the previous month & connect with them. Build relationships.

TEAM CONNECTION: Choose days of the week/month to recognize your team & what you’ll recognize them for. Potential recognition could be those who are active, close to promoting, earning fast-start awards, leadership requirement, promoting, paid at title, PRV milestones.

ORGANIZE: Set aside some time to prepare for the upcoming month. Gather all your receipts & document how much you spent on your business. Make any samples needed or party packs, restock supplies or tools needed for mailings.

REST & RESTORE: You can’t pour into your customers or team from an empty cup. Take time to focus on YOU!

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