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Kimberly Pulito

Kimberly has been an award-winning, Independent Scentsy Consultant since 2012 & has helped thousands of amazing clients create custom scent experiences & motivated individual build their own fragrance businesses.

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Hey Collective! I’m super excited to reestablish our weekly Collective Chats, so hopefully you’ll get some value out of todays training. Now, I want you to think about how often you assume in your business. Whether it’s about a specific product or collection, or your team, or your upline, or me. We all know what happens when we assume… it can lead to misunderstandings, incorrect decisions, & heartbreak (speaking from personal experience).

When we assume, we’re basing our understanding on incomplete information & why would we make a decision without all the facts? How many times have you said something like… I’m not going to ask the school if they want to do a fundraiser because one of the teachers is a SSD… or I’m not going to message my upline for help because they’re busy… or there’s absolutely no way my customers are going to buy a $125 warmer… I could give you all the hypothetical examples but instead, I’m going to give you real life examples.

Earlier this week, I asked in a leader group about a time they assumed & pulled 15 examples for you! Now keep in mind, these are all Directors & Above, the top 1% of the company, so they’ve been around the block a time or two so take a listen to their assumptions. Maybe you’ll see yourself in them & hopefully you’ll have some aha moments…

I had a customer who always spent very little each time she ordered reach out about the Air Purifier. Not only did she buy the Air Purifier... she started an $80 Club order! I had a list of people to reach out to about the Air Purifier when it first came out & I didn’t put her on it because she always spent so little. I could have sold it to her sooner!

I went almost 5 years without asking my family to host a party for me. My aunt who was always supportive of everything was on my list. During a blitz, I called her & asked her if she'd be interested in hosting for me. She said, "I thought you'd never ask." She'd been waiting for me to ask her because she figured I was too busy or wasn’t interested in doing parties.

I'm always debating whether or not I should remove people who haven't ordered from my customer group to make it more VIPish. Then one day… BAM! Someone who's never ordered before, orders! Someone who's ever ordered before, orders!

I didn't ask a customer to start her own business because I thought she was super busy with kids, sports, etc. There was no way she would join. She ended up starting her business with someone else.

I had a customer who ordered a couple times a year. It never crossed my mind to ask her to start her own business because she would only order maybe twice a year & maybe $30 at a time. Well, someone else did ask & now she’s a SuperStar Consultant on her way to becoming a Director.

I used to remove people from my list if they hadn’t ordered in over 2 years. I assumed if they went that long, they weren’t using it. I then learned to keep them on unless they ASK to be removed. Since then, I’ve had people order who hadn’t ordered in up to 6 years ago! I had one last week order over $100 who hadn't purchased since 2017, but she was still on my list.

I had a customer join another Consultant. When I found out, I asked her why she didn’t tell me she was interested in joining. She told me I never asked her. Never assume someone doesn’t want to start their business with you! ALWAYS ASK!

I met someone at an event while setting up my table. I kept thinking, she's not going to buy anything. Guess what, she was my biggest sale! The person you least expect to purchase will definitely surprise you!

I didn’t ask an amazing customer to join because she was successful in another business, so I wrote it off. Someone else ended up asking her. She said yes, & now she’s a Director

In my first year as a consultant 12 years ago, I assumed someone buying from me would pick me if they joined. A customer I had just given some freebies to with a large order went to the corporate website & joined a random Consultant because I didn't ask her. Lesson learned.

When the Stitch Collection launched, I didn’t advertise it as much as I normally do. In my opinion, Stitch was a thing of the past, never really a big deal when the movie released or since. I had 5 people message me wanting the warmers & asking why I never shared. Just because YOU don’t care for something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share.

My husband told me one of his coworkers who also was a customer of mine wouldn’t be interested in starting their own business because she’s too busy with school so I didn’t pursue asking her. A week later she joined another company. It was a "told ya so" moment for me to my husband & also a realization to me to still ask everyone anyway.

For years, I assumed everyone was broke like us after Christmas so I didn’t pick back up until mid January.

When I first started doing parties as a host, I did really well with them. I was broke & needed those rewards for the gifts I couldn’t have afforded otherwise. My Consultant never once brought up starting my own business. I would have started a full two years earlier & she would have had a Director on her team.

Now as for me, I’ve had quite a few similar situations but the one that sticks out to me is with my own dad. There was a scent that I thought was absolutely horrendous… it smelled like licorice. I tried to prevent my dad from smelling it because I just knew he’d hate it. Before I knew it, his eyes were filled with tears. What’s wrong? This scent reminds of the candy shop my dad would take me to… I want some of these please. Lesson learned, never assume someone will not like a scent. There are even people out there who love Guava Honey.

If you had an aha moment or you’d like to share your own assumption learning experience, please definitely comment down below.

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